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Boost your business efficiency.

Automate your business and get rid of painful repetitive, manual tasks by choosing our proofen, ready-to-use industry solutions. We carefully combine leading Software-as-a-Service products and enable you to manage your business in an efficient, professional way.

Focus on your core competencies.

Safe time and concentrate on activities which differentiate your business from competition. Instead of wasting your energy on administrative tasks or on trying to make technology work for you, our solutions solve those challenges and enable you to shift focus on your core competencies.

Increase your competitiveness.

Minimize investments by avoiding maintenance-intensive hardware and software assets, expensive technology partners and complex software development and integration projects. Our industry solutions reduce implementation efforts and costs tremendously.

At a glance:

Industry Solutions

Leading Software-as-a-Service products (e.g. for Sales, Finance, CRM, Marketing,…) are combined to integrated industry solutions which can be tailored to your specific requirements. High reliability and latest technology enable you to access your data from anywhere – at any time.

Flexible Consumption

“Pay what you use” by taking advantage of on-demand consumption based pricing models and by choosing components according to your priorities. Our solutions are capable to adapt to the size of your business and the number of your employees.

Community & Support

Collaboration and sharing of ideas and needs are essential for the ongoing improvement of our solutions. Members benefit from our web platform, news feed and standard support services. Consulting, implementation and ongoing operations support are available on request.

Society and Giveback

Economic sustainability and benefits to public society are core values of CommunityCloud. We donate 5% of our Affiliate / Reseller profits to charity projects selected by CommunityCloud members. Overall success and your individual contribution are shown transparently.
Roman Ernst

Our overarching objective is to eliminate barriers for startups and small businesses and enable them to compete in the marketplace to create jobs and drive innovation.

CommunityCloud was founded by Roman Ernst in 2015. He is convinced that the prevailing business model of pure profit maximization widely followed by large, multi-national enterprises is not sustainable and will hurt global ecomomy and society.

The objective of CommunityCloud is to put startups and small businesses in the position to compete with large enterprises. We want to provide our members with the right technology framework for successfully running their businesses.

Roman ErnstCEO CommunityCloud